How a 3-phase approach can rebuild your chargemaster

By Caroline DeLaCruz, RHIT, CCS-P, CPC, and Joseph J. Gurrieri, RHIA, CHP

  • Review the entire process along with policies and procedures.
  • Before updating charge code items, use data analysis to generate a report that shows specific issues.
  • Develop policies and procedures on how to update and maintain the chargemaster.
  • Consider bringing the charging process to the point of coding.

The process of updating the chargemaster is often labor intensive and time consuming. It requires detailed work including investigation and research to ensure correct coding, charging and pricing. Yet, it must be done to ensure the following:

  • All charges are available for capture.
  • Correct HCPCS/CPT codes are assigned.
  • Charges are current.
  • Descriptions are clear and non-duplicative.
  • Respective revenue codes are accurate.

The outcome is worth the effort to help eliminate denials and achieve optimal revenue. However, a patchwork approach creates more problems than it solves. 

If not performed routinely, chargemaster cleanup can be a daunting task. At one facility, less thancontinue reading »