Four HIM companies combine to create new mid-cycle powerhouse—Pena4.

Pena4 is an information solutions company dedicated to improving revenue cycle performance.

Know it? Code it. Earn it.

3rd Annual ICD-10 Coding Contest

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Measuring Coding Accuracy and Productivity in Today’s Value-Based Payment World


4 Tips for Selecting an Outsourcing Partner


Durham VA Health System Integrates with Nuance® Coding Integrity Services and Central Learning™ Software

Collaboration among our four divisions provides the resources to thrive in today’s data-intensive reimbursement environment.

From clinical documentation improvement (CDI) to business analysis and analytics, the Pena4 family of companies works together to:

Protect revenue integrity


Keep cash flowing


Optimize revenue cycle operations


Strengthen every step in your revenue cycle process with Pena4.

✦ Assessments

✦ Audits


✦ Coding

✦ DNFB Management

✦ Denial Analytics

✦ Business Analysis


See how the Pena4 family of companies collaborates to protect your revenue, keep cash flowing and optimize your revenue cycle operations. Backed by 18 years of healthcare experience and coding know-how, we work hand in hand with senior leadership and internal teams to:

Increase Documentation Integrity


Improve Clinical Coding


Overcome New Reimbursement Challenges


Power of Four

Our mission is to connect the dots between mid-cycle revenue cycle processes, workflows and operations. Today’s revenue cycle leaders need more than financial proficiency to drive improvement. They need experienced people and reliable resources. Pena4 delivers both with the Power of Four.

Our Story

It’s okay to shift up. Expansion can lead to beautiful things. It’s hard to imagine, but at one point Pena4’s founder Manny Pena was a statistical analyst at a neighborhood health clinic in New York. Before technology and before DRG’s, our founder saw the opportunity for…