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It’s hard to imagine, but at one point Pena4’s founder Manny Peña was a statistical analyst at a neighborhood health clinic in New York City.

Before technology and before DRG’s, our founder saw the opportunity for health information professionals to make an important, positive contribution to healthcare reimbursement.

From these data-focused beginnings, Peña built a career, a company and a legacy based on the collaboration between medical record coding and revenue cycle management. Today Peña’s four healthcare services and technology companies work together as one to improve revenue cycle performance for provider organizations across both inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory services. Here’s why.

Medical Record Coding: Only One Piece in Profitable Healthcare Revenue Cycles

“In the early days HIM Directors thought that medical record coding was the only piece, but soon thereafter it became clear that coding was only one of the components of a profitable & successful revenue cycle management process”, states Peña. From data analytics to HIM leadership at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Peña’s career has focused on clinical coding’s role in healthcare reimbursement across hospitals, health systems, physician practices and ambulatory services.

“We believe collaboration and teamwork are essential in order to receive all of the reimbursement health care providers deserve. The new reality of value-based reimbursement makes data-driven approaches to revenue cycle management across all care settings even more important today—and very relevant.”

Our vision is to integrate mid-rev cycle operations to drive greater overall healthcare reimbursement success. Hence the creation of Pena4.

Four specific data-driven healthcare solutions collaborating to improve healthcare reimbursement:

Consulting Services

Coding Technology

Coding & Auditing Services

Business Process Management

Peña’s vision is not only to leave a family legacy for his children and four grandchildren but also for those of our valuable employees. Already involved in the business, Peña’s daughter and son are integrally involved in business operations and client relationship management at Pena4 Corporation.

Our mission is to connect the dots between mid-cycle revenue cycle processes, workflows and operations to:

Protect revenue integrity

Keep cash flowing

Optimize mid-cycle revenue operations

Today’s revenue cycle leaders need more than financial proficiency to drive improvement. They need experienced people and reliable resources. Pena4 delivers both.

Rethinking Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle

Healthcare compensation is ultimately reliant on effectively working with others. From physicians to coders, billers and payers, Pena4 builds collaboration to achieve financial viability.  Our family of companies will continue to expand our solutions into data-driven clinical documentation improvement (CDI), population health management, physician profiling, core measures and more across all care settings.

Learn more about our mid-cycle revenue cycle solutions for hospitals and health systems.