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September 2018 | RCM Answers | HIM Performance and Payer Denials Grab Attention at AHIMA 18
September 2018 | Becker’s ASC Review |
Outpatient coders improve ICD-10 accuracy scores, but inpatient keeps the crown: 5 contest takeaways
March 2018 | Journal of AHIMA | 
Attack of the Audits
November 2017
 | Journal of AHIMA | Measuring Coding Accuracy and Productivity in Today’s Value-Based Payment World
October 2017 | Journal of AHIMA | Coding Accuracy Under a New Lens: 2nd Annual ICD-10 Coding Contest Results
October 2017 | HFMA Revenue Cycle Strategist | ICD-10 Denials and Payment: Understanding the Relationship
September 2017 | For The Record | Coding Contest Lends Insight Into Accuracy, Productivity
September 2017Becker’s Hospital Review | Higher coding productivity linked to a 25.4% decrease in accuracy
June 2017 | AHIMA Body of KnowledgeThe Ins and Outs of HCCs
May 2017 | ICD-10 Monitor Talk Ten Tuesdays Podcast | Developing Story: Increasing Claim Denials under ICD-10
May 2017 | HFMA | The Financial Truth About ICD-10 Coding Accuracy: Two DRGs to Watch
April 2017 | For the Record | Ask the Experts
February 2017 | ICD-10 Monitor | HCCs: The Cost of Chronic Conditions
February 2017 | For The Record | Coding Contest Hints at ICD-10 Struggles
January 2017 | Part B News | Use modifier 62 for surgeon duos using same code, but make sure you can justify it